Cleaning Services

Industrial Cleaning Services

Pressure Tech has been providing its service to the industries below for the past 10 years

Railroad Services

  • All of our employees have had the On-Track Safety Training
  • Floor painting within the car shops
  • Janitorial services
  • Overhead crane cleaning
  • Track cleaning
  • Environmental equipment  washing
  • Spill response, oil pick-up
  • Vac Truck services
  • Locomotive and rail car cleaning
  • Tank dewatering
  • Preparing for an environmental audit?  We can clean and vac oil spots, gravel, and dirt removal overflow pan cleaning.
  • Pressure wash the buildings, pits, and floors

Power Plant Service

  • Substation pressure washing
  • Fly ash removal
  • Roof fans, primary air ducts, pre-heater ducts, precipitator ducts
  • Economizer hoppers
  • Settling basins
  • Storage silos
  • Penthouses, scrubbers
  • Interior of plant walls and beams
  • Super heater condensers
  • Water filter tanks
  • Boiler sumps
  • I.D. fan housing
  • Inlet and outlet condensers
  • Cleanup of oil spills and oil slicks
  • Sand spills and sand hoppers
  • Coal spills, crushers, and conveyors

Manufacturing Services

  • Storage silos
  • Painting
  • Water blasting
  • Cleaning of machines and machine pits
  • Removal and recover of refractor bed material
  • Cleaning of inside sump pits
  • Cleaning of oil separator tanks and storage units
  • Skimming of oil from mill ponds and oil spills
  • Cleaning of beams, hand rails, walks, and walls
  • Cleaning of conveyors
  • Cleaning of sewer lines
  • Paint booths
  • Cleaning of tanks
  • Preparing for an ISO Cerftification? Let us take care of the cleaning.

Coal Mine Services

  • Vacuum up coal around train tracks and loading docks
  • Recover Coal Fines
  • Vacuum fine clays from ponds
  • Vacuum up coal around conveyors
  • Vacuum sump pits
  • Pressure wash equipment, buildings
  • Vacuum up coal from truck accidents
  • Hydro excavation (Safe digging with a pressure washer and vacuum truck)
  • Vacuum up dust
  • Vacuum out thickeners


  • Line jetting
  • Drying bed cleaning
  • Filter machine cleaning
  • Manhole cleaning
  • Substation cleaning
  • HYDROEXCAVATION (The latest technology for safe digging.)
    • Safer
    • Cheaper
    • Cleaner
    • 60% faster
    • Avoid cutting lines